A downloadable game for Windows

Swordswallower is a psych-goth action platformer where players traverse and fight only by throwing their massive enchanted sword. The player can’t jump, instead launching their sword into the environment and pulling themselves toward it with tremendous force.


Full OST on Bandcamp and YouTube

For inquiries reach out to agustin.azulay@gmail.com

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
AuthorUti Azulay
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, GameMaker, Horror, Metroidvania, Singleplayer, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Swordswallower_Win.zip 105 MB

Install instructions

Played with WASD and mouse. (We recommend against trackpads.)

The game currently does not save your progress, and takes about 30-45 mins to play.


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Only problem is that you can't save the game, closing it forces you to restart. Other than that, wonderful game.

This game is awesome - I just need controller support. Nice job!

This game is amazing, i only had issues with the sword dashing to be a bit slow and clunky but that could also just me being slow and clunky lmao


Uti, thank you for giving us an amazing presentation at WNS today!!!

awwww thank you so much!!! it was amazinggg meeting you guys :)

The game seems really fun and well made. You should add save points or checkpoints.

I don't have a mouse.

I used a trackpad for full demo. It was a pain but I STILL enjoyed the mechanic.

Such a good game! Can't wait to play the full version :3

Cant wait for full release this was a great game with a brilliant mechanic

really fun game not even gonna lie loved it and cant wait for more 

Had a fine ol' time playing this on Linux (through WINE) once it figured out how to play at-speed. The final boss battle overwhelmed it and the game crashed but this is great. Haven't played a game demo this metal since "God's Gift" by SeventeenUncles (also here on Itch!)

Thanks so much for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed! :) Sorry to hear the boss crashed it (we haven't tested on wine or linux yet) but that shouldn't happen in the full release.

When will the full game come out?

Hey! It's going to be a long time unfortunately, probably a couple years. But we hope you stick around! Updates will be posted to our Twitter or Discord.


Melhor indie que já joguei!

Hey there! Just saw some gameplay of this and love the atmosphere you created, very inspiring! I have about 8 years of music production experience and I would love to produce your music/create the foley needed to push your atmosphere to the next level. If you are ever working on a new project I would love to amplify your mix!

Really nice and atmospheric, the sword mechanic is very fun when doing chaining movements and hitting enemies, exited for what else the game has to offer.

This was an experience and I really enjoyed it. Very atmospheric and stylistically beautiful. I enjoy the gameplay and the overall idea and I'm very excited to see the full game. 

I had a ton of fun playing the demo and I'll definitely be looking forward to the full release! I also decided to record a playthrough:

That was rad as hell, the music is awesome, visuals are delightfully creepy and the character feels fantastic to control. Following for future updates, hope the rest of the project goes well 

This was so much fun to play, looking forward to when it comes out fully!


A brilliant little game.

i love the art style and the idea of using your sword to get around the world is fantastic, it makes exploring and fighting very enjoyable and i hope you keep working on it and build a bigger world to explore and discover 

nice and hard game!

i hope thıs game blows up lıke CRAZY


Kicks so much ass 



What do you think about cabbage?  ̄ヘ¯ 

Such an awesome game, I love the fluidity of everything and how swift the movement and controls are. Unique take on a platformer, only issue is the camera being weird sometimes and lack of audio and mouse sensitivity slider. Overall great game 8/10

Also i'm doing speedruns of the game on my twitch channel so if you think you can beat my time of 4:35 then go ahead! 

Oh yeah and when entering the new area with the two bird keys, it has a lag spike but im fine with it.




Damn! I loved the game's atmosphere, its very cool! its been a while since i've saw a game with a theme like this (one that i enjoyed at least). Loved the mechanics of using the sword to move, cant lie i missed the space to jump sometimes haha


i love the game its very fun and addicting i hope to play the full version of it soon. i did found 1 bug in the video i got stuck inside of the wall but it just happen accidently overall this game reminded me of hollow knight  

overall its a pretty good game i give it 9\10

Hey thanks for playing and letting us know about that bug! glad you enjoyed it :)


absolutely phenomenal! can't wait for the full release!


love it


This is a hit! Hope there will be a steam release.


Thanks!! The full release will 100% be on steam.


Great stuff! Here's a playthrough: 

Thanks so much for playing! :)


The movement feels great, the sword feels great, the artwork is great, the effects are great, the sound is great, the music is great. The only downsides I can see as of now are the two bosses included in this demo. I think their movement and overall play style is a bit clunky, but I'm sure that's easy to fix. Really looking forward this game's full release.



Great game. Punitive, but fun. I hope it is still being worked on, it has great potential. Kudos to you!


This game is fantastic! Like others have said, the controls are just so satisfying to use. I could see this game being a big speedrunning game for sure, so much potential with the great responsiveness on the sword. Definitely going to be recommending this to others, and going to be following the updates for sure! :)

I loved the little scene where you fight the second ghost bull thing, really felt satisfying to have that work out so well <3

Something tells me this games is not about street performance...

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If you are reading this don't - click the dowload button above and try this game out! It gave me half an hour of pure joy and I would love for the project to be developed further!

Also, the artwork is fabulous! 5/5 from me!

Thank you for playing, we're so glad you liked it! We are developing it further, you can follow our twitter https://twitter.com/swsw_game for updates!

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this game is verry well made a little misleading at first but definetly worth checking out the machanics are satisfying and the art is amazing it could be better but its still very  interesting the story is good but confusing and i love that its not just told to you outright like for example (small spoiler) theres a thing that tells you its a cartagripher but by using the map he gives you its very clear he was lying and he just wants to get out of the place so he drew a very crude map to try and find a way out then used that to bribe you to help him if you want to see my video on this game here it is 

i tried not to ruin to much so feel free to watch before playing it but definetly get this if you like platformers and movement in games and if you checked out my video thanks and be sure to let me know what you thought of it in the comments 

Thanks a bunch for the feedback and the lets play, we’re glad you liked the cartographer haha

Really fun game, reminds me of old browser flash games but with a lot more dept to it, the story, or at least what we get to see in this demo looks interesting and the gameplay is dynamic and fun even after dying multiple times also very good level design.

Hey thanks so much for checking out the game and making a let’s play! We really appreciate it

Really Good Several Design Point: 1. the sword will return automatically when it fly outside the screen. 2. the player can't jump which is beneficial to level design and focus on using dash 3. the dash to sword can tuned by the time of holding left shoulder , and the player can stay on the wall with this very intuitive big sword on the wall. Very Inspiring!

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